Are Resolutions Ridiculous?

New Year, new you?

The time where everyone stocks the fridge with healthy food, joins the gym and announces its going to be “a whole new me”.

As the start of another year has recently passed, it’s the perfect time to think about whether a date can really enable a person to change their whole self.

Personally, I think the first of January is no different to any of the 52 Mondays in a year. You could also say the first of January is no different to any of the other 364 days of the year. You don’t need a new year, new month or a new week to make a change!

Before I started this article and put pen to paper; well actually fingers to buttons because it’s 2018, I thought I was going to write all about how I was convinced new year’s resolutions were ridiculous.

However, over the last few weeks whether its been talking to my friends and family or scrolling through social media, people are throwing nothing but positively around when they mention their goals for 2018 which leads me to ask; how can that be a bad thing?

I could tell you what I plan to take on this year; my resolutions. But what’s the point? This is YOUR journey not mine! Everyone’s goals and habits are individual so what would it matter to you what my resolutions are or if I even have any.

Bear in mind that while you probably come across Instagram pages where some person can get the body of their dreams in 12 weeks, they are likely to be the minority not the rule. Or they may even be lying – News flash, the art of photo editing is everywhere!

Let’s get back to you though, if you can find the right balance then a new year can be as good as any to create new goals; whatever the area – be it diet, fitness, career or whatever you choose.

Try these 5 ways to fight the curse of failed resolutions…

ONE… Do not go into it full steam ahead.

Take your diet for example, January is a hugely popular changing point here. Detox alert – Insert crazy juice diets, cutting out carbs and false promises from adverts such as “lose 10 pounds in 7 days” (sigh).

Radical changes have a habit of not standing the test of time. Why? Look at crash diets, they can be inflexible, unbalanced and dangerous if maintained for longer periods. Not to mention the boredom of cutting out food groups.

Instead of depriving yourself or doing something because you think you need to, have you thought about how you can make your goals more fun? For example, exercise doesn’t need to all be based in a gym (in fact it doesn’t need to be in a gym ever if that’s not your thing). If you have a dog, have you thought about finding, say, one new country walk each month to explore with your four legged friend! Or joining a brand-new class you have never tried before? There are loads of great activities out there that let you sign up for 6 weeks; Pilates, yoga, a running club. I mean 6 weeks isn’t a life time right, but its long enough to test the water and experiment with something new.

TWO… Do not compete nor compare yourself to other people.

Everyone’s bodies are different and tolerate various levels of pain and endurance. Just because your friend can take part in a 10km race with no training and floor it, doesn’t mean to say you should.

If you haven’t been exercising at all recently, then adding in three 30-minute walks a week could be a starting point for you. After a few weeks up those to 40-minute walks, and so on. Or if you have been a fan of ready made meals for as long as you can remember then make it your mission to try creating a meal or two from a recipe book a couple of times a week for a month then expand from there.

Small and steady changes are going to lead to long term habits and these will become part of your lifestyle rather than an overzealous resolution that’s forgotten about by March.

THREE… Make yourself accountable by tracking your progress.

It’s good to see where you have been and where you are going, therefore creating a personal motivation tool. With exercise as an example, if you track your workouts you can figure out what is working for you and what needs changed along the way.

FOUR… dare I say it, REWARD YOURSELF when you hit a goal!

What is the point of goals if you can’t celebrate. It’s like getting a bonus from work then using the money to pay off an unexpected bill, where is the fun or motivation in that?

Rewards don’t need to be food related but let me tell you last night I had a MASSIVE homemade pizza, big enough for 2 people. I decided after the last few weeks of sticking to a plan, I wanted a reward. Insert pizza, always insert pizza when I want a reward or a cheering up.

FIVE… Don’t give up after one set back.

What did we say at the start; every day is as good as a brand New Year! If you have a slip, maybe you eat your local shop out of Twix bars on Sunday because a cold makes you feel like death (What? I haven’t done that! Oops), then don’t worry. If you are looking for a long-term lifestyle change, an off day isn’t going to break all your hard work. Look at the bigger picture!

Get up the next day, remind yourself of your goals and look back on all the progress you have made so far. I bet it out ways that hiccup you just had.


Just remember rather than looking for flaws within yourself, try looking at the potentials. Any day, or even better, every day of the year! 🙂

Kayleigh x


ONE Life. ONE Body. ONE You.

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